User Flows

Student Success Framework

Problem: Many of our students do poorly in higher learning experience from being underprepared for success. It is especially challenging to support these students when our internal systems are unable to track and measure student success.

Solution:  Cross-platform data services, motivational experiences, performance measures, and support mechanisms integrated throughout the prospective and attending student experience.


Job Board & Learning Discovery App

Problem: Is this job a good fit for me? If not, how can I prepare myself for success?

Solution: First, we identified the user's skill set and oriented job opportunities based on skill matches. This allows the user to understand what they are immediately qualified for and how their career can grow from there. For skills they are lacking or weak in, we provide learning opportunities to fulfill those needs.


Asset Management Workflow

Problem: Multiple teams require the ability to create, manage, and share assets across applications.

Solution: We built shared widgets that enabled any application to create and link assets to any piece of content.