Interaction Design

Productivity Tools


Problem: Existing design was obtrusive and inadequately small.

Solution: Increase size while remaining unobtrusive to the learning experience.  



Problem: A lot of features in an ever decreasing amount of space.

Solution: In order to scale gracefully, I had to investigate where the logical breakpoints would occur in the design so that the primary information remained visible.


Help Documentation

Problem: Deliver contextual help content in a persistent way. 

Solution: We created a movable panel that surfaced relevant help topics based on the current page components.


Course Reviews

Problem: Create a course review that provides insight into the student's success. At the time, we had no performance data from the course provider.

Solution: I created a review system that allows the student to rate the extent in which they understood each concept. We then compared this data with the skills the student actually needed (as determined in their profile and job interest). This information is then used to recommend courses to other users who need the same skills and come from the same background.

 Alternative solutions for rating skill comprehension.

Alternative solutions for rating skill comprehension.

Convention App

Problem: Create an app that enables a seamless, in-person experience with convention vendors and attendees. 

Solution: Utilizing QR codes and location services, we created a tool that allows vendors to quickly create a mobile storefront and link products to physical codes for easy access to details and purchasing at the booth. Attendee features included an 'entourage' service that let you stay connected with friends during the convention.